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Angol Érettségi Kérdések (Tételek)

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Angol tételek

1. What kind of programmes do you like watching on TV and why?

2. How about news,  cartoons, films, soap operas, documentaries, talk shows, sports and quiz programmes?

3. What are your favourite channels?

4. When do you usually watch TV?

5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV?

6. Describe your classroom to me.

7. How big is your classroom?

8. How are the desks and chairs arranged?

9. Is there any decoration? What?

10.What is the difference between an ordinary classroom and a language classroom?

11.Where’s the teacher’s desk?

12.What would you do with the money if you won a lot of money?

13.How about travelling/charity/buying a house/buying a car/doing business?

14.Where would you travel?

15.What kind of house would you buy?

16.Who would you help?

17.Introduce your school.

18.What type of school is yours?

19.How many buildings are there?

20.What are the main subjects?

21.Describe one of your normal day.

22.How many students attend your school?

23.What kind of special classes did you have?

24.Describe the facilities your school has got.

25.Where do you live?

26.What about transport / shopping/ entertainment there?

27.Who does the shopping in your family?

28.Where does she /he do it?

29.Why are the supermarkets so popular?

30.How often do you go shopping?

31.What kind of summer jobs can students do?

32.At what age can they start working?

33.What can the working hours be like?

34.Have you ever worked? What? Why?

35.What kind of film do you like  best?

36.What about action /horror/romantic/sci-fi/thriller/adventure/documentary films?

37.How often and who do you usually go to the cinema with?

38.Your favourite actor and actress?

39.Which film would you recommend me to see?

40.What about pocket money?

41.How much do you get and who from?

42.What other ways of getting some extra pocket money do you know?

43.What do you usually spend it on?

44.What about saving up some money?

45.When were you last ill, and how long did it take to recover?

46.What were the symptoms? How did it start?

47.Did you have to see the doctor?

48.What kind of vehicles can you use in Szeged?

49.How much public transport cost for students?

50.Do you get a reduction?

51.What kind of disadvantages of public transport can you mention?

52.Which is your favourite family festival?

53.How do you prepare for it?

54.What kind of presents did you get last year?

55.What traditional meal do you have?

56.What are your meal times?

57.What do you usually have for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

58.Where do people usually have their lunch?

59.What are the most famous Hungarian dishes?

60.What about your favourite food?

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