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I think reading books is very interesting. I like reading books, but I do not have a lot of time to read what I really want. I like romantic, adventure or thriller books. Even before the printing press was invented and most people were illiterate, they loved looking at manuscripts (hand-written books). After Guttenberg made printed books available to almost everyone, people fell in love with books.

Literature can be divided into 2 categories: non-fiction books and fiction books. Non-fiction books are usually for information. There are textbook (educational books containing information and ideas about some subject), dictionaries, encyclopaedias (large books or a set of books containing facts about different subject in alphabet order), autobiographies, cookery books. Fiction is about imaginary people or events. There are novel, short stories, poems, fantasy books. There are 2 types of fiction books: poetry and prose.

Nowadays books are very expensive, that’s why people go to libraries. You have to become a member. You have to fell an application, which contains your personal dates. If you have a member ship card you can borrow books. A librarian explains rules of the library. For example you can borrow for example 5 books the most for a month. The university library works different. If you want to borrow a book you have to write down the title, the author, the publisher and the date of publishing of the book. Them you give this to the librarian. The librarian looks for the book in the catalogue and you have to go back the next day. You can’t take these books home, because they are rare, expensive or old. If you want to look up something, you can go to a room in the library and you work there.

Reading is a great hobby, which gives people the opportunity to learn something new. Books help with grammar and spelling and increases vocabulary. Books develop imaginations or creating because I can imagine everything like the character, the setting or the dresses my way. In the film the director chooses the actor. The viewer doesn’t have to use his imagination. The film is not so detailed because is impossible to film every scene from the book. But I can enjoy my favorite actors acting as well as are amazing effects in the film. The people who don’t like reading can enjoy the story through a film.

I like more English literature like Oscar Wilde. He was born in Dublin. As a young man he was brilliant with his long hair and extravagant clothes. His plays were full of quick of humor. Wilde’s carrier stopped by scandal. He was sent to prison for homosexuality. His most famous novel is the picture of Dorian Gray.

This is very interesting crime story. One artist painted a picture of Dorian Gray. Dorian wanted to stay young forever and for the picture to grow old instead. He stays young and the picture became ugly, old and cruel. The artist told him changes his life. Dorian became angry with the artist and stabbed him. The portrait was even more terrible than before. He decided to destroy the picture. He stabbed the portrait. On the floor was a dead man. It was a real Dorian Gray and the picture was a young man. I like the book because I like the plot and like the characters of the story. The picture symbolizes Dorian cruel life and acts. He lost his moral and ethical values. He fell in love for himself and he thought staying love the most important. I learned lot about the historical background.

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