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Budapest – Vázlat

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  1. I live in the capital city of Hungary in Bp
  2. It is the biggest city in our country so a few people have their home in Bp
  3. About 2 million people live in this metropolis
  4. It lies on the river Danube
  5. Until 1872 Pest and Buda were separate cities
  6. There’s a strong difference between the two parts: Buda on the right side of the river is built among hills
  7. Pest on the left side is bulit on the plain
  8. About 2000 years ago many people immigrate from the ancient Rome
  9. They settled here because they found several water springs

10.  They called this settlement Aquincum

11.  Today Bp is an interesting and exciting city which is famous for many things

12.  Lots of tourists from all over the world also come to visit Bp’s historic sights and buildings such as Royal castle,National Gallery, National Libary

13.  Probably the most famous building is the Parliament

14.  It is situated in the Kossuth Square and it designed by Imre Steindl

15.  The goverment sit here and now the president of Hungary is Peter Medgyesi

16.  In the castle of Budai you can find the Metthias Church

17.  This was the coronation church of the kings of Hungary

18.  The most popular park for people in Bp is the beautiful Margaret Island.

19.  On of the best known monuments in Pest is the Heroes Square

20.  It erected in 1986 for the 1000th anniversary of the founding of Hungary

21.  Most of Bp’s big department stores are in Váci street and Deák Square

22. If you come from Budapest you can use the BKV services,but it is very poor.

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