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City life and country life

Beküldő: Látogató
Angol tételek

Beküldte: Jajecznik Judit

My family has been living in Budapest for five generations and I love living in the city. However those who live in the country often claim that they would never want to live in a city or a town. Both country life and city life have positive and negative aspects.

For the surrounding villages, a town is the centre of all activities. People go there from far away to buy many necessities – not just clothes and shoes, home and garden accessories but in particular food. In a town, where a lot of people live, you can find many different shops offering a wide range of goods. There are a lot of different shops and supermarkets, so that you don´t have to stick to one single high-priced store. When you have finished shopping we can also stop for a cup of tea or coffee at the nearest café, or restaurant. If you don´t feel like cooking or are too busy, you can just pick up the phone, reserve a table and have a meal at a restaurant or you can order food. In cities there are also more banks, post offices and all kinds of services. A town principally means a place where all kinds of cultural activities are concentrated. Festivals, performances of famous dance and music groups, and exhibitions are held there. You can also find at least one cinema or theatre in every town, where you can go to spend your free time with watching the latest film or a play. A bigger town also has a lot of sports facilities: winter stadiums, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts and gyms. Moreover specialised health services are more easily accessible in cities. If you live in a town you can also find a job more easily, because there are more opportunities to work. There are also bigger range of schools and colleges to choose from. You don’t have to drive if you want to get about in a city because there is usually public transport. To sum up, city life is fast and exciting and there are a lot of possibilities to study, work, and spend your free time.

On the other hand city life is usually noisy, unsafe, exhausting, expensive and unhealthy because of the air pollution.

In contrast to this, country life is calm, quiet and peaceful. People in villages are usually friendlier, more patient and they are in a closer touch. In the country the air is less polluted and people take care of their environment. Villages are less crowded than towns and there is a healthier atmosphere. You can go for long walks or hiking in the mountains, fields or forest so people live closer to the nature. You can also grow your own fruit and vegetables and you can keep animals in the countryside, which is cheaper than buying food in a shop so country life can mean a cheaper way of living.

On the negative side country life can become boring as life is slower and there are less entertaining facilities than in a city. Furthermore the infrastructure is not so developed, the number of services is generally smaller, and you may have to commute to make your living. If you need to contact the authorities because of some administrative matters, you have to travel to the nearest city which can take all day.

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