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1.A mobiltelefon terjedésének okai

Nowadays almost every people have one or more mobile phones. At first it was the rich people’s prerogative, but now you don’t need to have too much money in order to buy a mobile phone. It costs only a few thousand forints but if you want you can buy one for about 50 000 Fts with a lot of extras. The other reason is that the upkeep of a mobile is more and more cheaper as you can choose from different tariffs, so you can decide which is suitable for you the most. Moreover mobiles have more and more functions so you can use it as an alarm clock, you can play on it, watch and make videos, listen to music, use the wap, take photos, etc.

2.A nyelvtudás szerepe a kommunikációban

How important is it for you to speak languages?

Speaking a language is inevitable (szükségszerű) in our modern world. Since Hungarian is not a widely spoken language, you have to be familiar with at least one foreign language to be able to get along in life. In all walks of life (életpálya) speaking a language at a high conversational level is required. One can’t go to a job interview without being able to utter (kimond) a word in some foreign language. Moreover, you have to express yourself clearly to get accepted and be given the job. Nowadays the most advisable language to study is English. It is considered an international language in a lot of areas , especially when using a computer. Together with French it is the language of diplomacy. For Hungarians it is also useful to have a good command (beszédkészség) of German. Every summer we have thousands of students coming from Austria and Germany.

The importance of learning languages:

-to talk freely to each other about business, politics, culture, hobbies, sport

-to promote (elmélyít) friendship and understanding among people

-to establish ties to other nations

-to make friends

-to correspond (levelez)

-to learn about other people’s culture, way of life

-to read authors in the original

-to understand foreign TV channels

-to better informed about the world

-to make oneself understood while travelling

-to have more chances to travel on business

-to get a scholarship (ösztöndíj)

-to go abroad to study

-to read scientific articles

-to keep abreast of (lépést tart) the latest discoveries and inventions

-to have an all around education

3.Az angol nyelv erősödő dominanciája

Why are you studying English?

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