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EU Parliament | Kidolgozott Érettségi Tételek, Feladatok 2016

Érettségi Portál 2016

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EU Parliament

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The European Parliament is the elected body that represents EU’s citizens and takes part in the legislative process. Since 1979, member of the Parliament have been elected in direct way, by universal suffrage, every five years. Until the 2004 elections the member numbers were 626. Parliament normally holds their plenary sessions in Strasbourg and any additional sessions in Brussels. It has got 17 committees, to do work for the plenary sessions, the political groups hold theirs sessions in Brussels. The Office is in Luxembourg. Parliament and Council share the legislative power. We have to know about the three procedure, these are the follows:

1. Consultation
The main thing, that we have to know, that the Commission sensd its proposal to both the Council and the Parliament. There organs can give advise from the Social Committe and Committe of the Region. Parliament can approve the proposal; reject it; ask for amendments.

2. Assent
The assent procedure means that the Council has to obtain the EP’s assent before certain very important decisions are taken. The P can accept or reject it. Acceptance requires an absolute majority of vote cast.

3. Codecision
In this case the C and the P share legislative power. The Commission send its proposal to both organs. They can read and discuss it twice. P and C also share equal responsibility about the EU budget. The Commission has to propose a draft budget, whcich is debated by P and the C. P is the body that exercises democratic control over the Union. Josep Borrel Fontelles was elected in 2004 the president of EP.

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