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Beküldő: Látogató
Angol tételek

Neved: Nagy Nóra

I live with my family. There are four of us, my father, my mother, my sister and me. My mother is 40 years old. She works as an officer in Budapest. Unfortunately, she spends plenty time at her workplace because she has to work overtime. She is shorter than my father and she is of average height. Her hair and eyes are brown. This is what I took after my mother. She has got a shoulder-length hair and it’s a bit curly. Moreover she doesn’t wear glasses. In her spare time she is interested in reading books. She is a good mannered woman who is a bit self-controlled and fond of gardening. In conclusion she has a hard task to be both a business woman and a mother.

My father is a tiler so his schedule is freer. He is 45 years old, but he makes an effort to stay in shape. He is of medium height. He wears a beard and a moustache therefore he doesn’t have to shave every day. He has green eyes and his hair is getting grey. He also has a good sense of humor and he usually is cheerful. He is married and he is a reliable husband.

My parents are faithful and devoted parents who make efforts to provide a positive and comfortable home for us. Furthermore they try to promote me and my sister will become reliable adults who know their place in life within our society. My parents expect that we honor their traditional familial roles. They demand respect and authority from us. In addition they see it as their duty to teach us when we've done wrong. My parents created a consistent, secure environment for us, with definite roles and boundaries. All in all they always try their best, and put the needs of ours above their own.

My sister’s name is Kate. She is usually difficult to get to know well, and difficult to get close to. Although she is generally very serious-minded, she also has been known to enjoy letting loose and having fun, if others pull them into it. She is also really good at telling jokes, and exhibiting a sarcastic wit with a poker face. Regarding her appearance, she is skinny and tall.

I find it important to spend time with my family. The weekend gives the most facilities, because both parents and children stay at home. We have meal together and after that we often have a conversation. When the weather is nice we take a trip and have a picnic.

My extend family is less important to me than my close one. I don’t have very strong family ties with the ones who don’t live with us. In consequently I am not in close contact with many of my relatives. I haven’t seen some of my cousins for ages, actually, since my grandparents died. In my opinion they were the connecting link. By the way I think family life is rather different today from what it was like 30-50 years ago. I think people lived in a happy family and had lots of friends. Now there are fewer opportunities for enjoying the company of other people because everybody is busy and they don’t have time for each other. People used to know all of their neighbours but now people are isolated from each other and, what is even worse, from the members of their own family. Also families used to be much larger but nowadays very few people care to have such large families.

Another problem is the increasing number of the divorce. In my opinion there can be several reasons for the high number of divorces, but the children is the one who lose the most in it. It can be tough to understand what is happening around him.

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