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Families in the past

In the past people had big families. Only the father had a job, the mother did the housework and raised the children at home. The father was the breadwinner and made the decisions. The mother was the housewife, but it was not an easy thing. The children had to obey their parents and had to respect older people. People had a lot of children. Different generations lived together. The grandparents were also role models for the children. The older children helped the mother and their brothers and sisters. After school, children went home and spent time with their families. There was no television, so children played together in the evening. A few decades ago, people spent more time together than today. In the past marriage and family was very important. Couples had to get married. Divorce was also rare. There were traditional roles in the family.

Families today

Today people have small families. Both the father and the mother work because they need to earn money. Parents discuss their problems and make the decisions together. Today’s children are very self-confident and sometimes even cheeky. Grandparents live in separate houses and often feel lonely. Parents are often tired because they need to work overtime. When school finishes, children go to extra classes instead of playing with each other. Family members often meet each other only at dinner time in the evening. Then they just watch TV, because they are tired. Today marriage and family seem to be less important. Lot of people co-habit instead of getting married, but this does not mean they do not love each other. Divorce is more and more common, but many people remarry. But there are many single-parent families (one-parent families) nowadays. Raising children alone is hard, but one parent can also give much affection to children.

Big family / small family

Older brothers and sisters can give you useful advice. They support you, they help you to make your decisions in life. There is always someone to talk with about your problems. Your brothers and sisters can play with you when your parents are busy. You should share your room with your sisters or brothers. Maybe, you will never learn to be independent in a big family.
In a small family you can have your own bedroom. You get more attention from your parents. But, your parents expect more from you. They expect you to study well and be serious. And, maybe you are lonely, if you are an only child.

Housework in the family

My mother does the cooking. She prepares breakfast for the children. She does the dusting and the hoovering. She does the washing-up in the evening. She does the washing twice a week. She always waters the plants. My father washes the car every week. He drives the children to school every morning. He sometimes empties the rubbish. My sisters do the shopping every week. They go to the nearest corner shop. My brothers mown the lawn every week. I make the beds and sweep the floor. And I do the ironing. We have a garden, we do the gardening together. We like flowers.

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