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Free – time: culture and sport

Beküldő: Látogató
Angol tételek

I think we all need some free-time. Our lives are stressed, adults often work overtime, children study a lot at school. We need to relax at the weekend, so we can start the new week fresh. I like spending some time alone. I like reading or I go cycling in my village. I usually go to the cinema with my friends or we just watch DVDs at home. I also go shopping with my friend. We chat and laugh a lot when we are together. With my family I watch TV at home in the evening. Sometimes we eat out in a restaurant. In spring we take a walk in the forest. In summer we spend our holiday at Lake Balaton.

Indoor hobbies

We often play cards or chess in my family. My grandmother does crosswords. My younger brother plays computer games all the time. My mother reads novels or magazines. My father collects stamps. My sister draws. My older brother builds models of railroads. I write poetry or watch TV.

Outdoor hobbies

I like jogging and cycling. I often go swimming in summer. My parents like hill walking and bird watching. My little brother likes tree climbing. My sister likes skiing. My sisters and I play badminton. We all play football.

Books, films, theatre, music, the press, radio and television


I don’t read much, but I think it’s a great hobby. In Hungary people read newspapers, magazines, novels, short stories and poems. They like love stories and crime stories.

I am romantic, I like classic novels. My favourite novel is ‘Jane Eyre’ by Charlotte Brontë. The heroine is Jane Eyre, an orphan girl. The reader thinks that Jane will never find true love, but in the end everything turns out OK.

Watching films

What I look for in a film is fun and excitement. I like animal stories, love stories, and comedies. In Hungary young people also like detective stories, thrillers, adventure movies, horrors, action movies, sci-fis, cartoons and romantic comedies

I go to the cinema every week. I usually go to the cinema on Saturdays. I usually go to the cinema with my friends, my boyfriend /girlfriend doesn’t like cinema.

I am not a moviegoer, because I think the tickets are expensive and there aren’t any good movies nowadays.

I’m not a big moviegoer because it’s more comfortable to watch a film on DVD at home. Nowadays anyone can buy cheap DVDs and enjoy the films at home in the same quality as in a cinema.

My favourite film is ‘Amélie’. It’s a French romantic comedy. It tells the story of Amélie, a young woman who wants to do good things for other people. She falls in love with a young man. In the end they meet and fall in love. I like this film, because it shows that daily life can be important, beautiful and amusing. My favourite actress is Audrey Tatou. I think she is nice and talented. She stars interesting movies.


Today young people don’t like going to the theatre much. They think it’s boring and expensive. Moreover you should wear elegant clothes in a theatre. Cinema and DVDs are more popular today.

My favourite play is ‘Romeo and Juliet.” It’s a classic by William Shakespeare. It’s a great and sad romantic story. Romeo and Juliet love each other, but their love is impossible because their families are enemies. They get married secretly, but in the end they die.


I like listening to music. I listen to music every evening when I’m tired. I have a CD player, a Discman and an MP4 Player.

My favourite styles are pop, rock, rap and jazz. In Hungary people also like beat, blues, classical music, folk music, R & B, (rhythm and blues) and reggae.

Sadly, I can’t play any musical instruments. If I could learn music, I would choose the piano / the violin / the guitar / the bass guitar / the flute / the drum / the clarinet / the saxophone / the oboe / the trumpet / the tuba / the accordion, / the synthesizer.

The press

I like reading the daily papers. I like reading articles and interviews. A popular Hungarian daily paper is “Metro.” It’s for free. I always read the comic strips in “Metro.” My favourite is Garfield; he is a funny and lazy cat. And he is very fat. I also like reading glossy magazines. They give women fashion tips. I always buy “National Geographic,” it is monthly magazine. My favourite weekly magazine is “Figyelő” it is about economics, politics and culture.

Radio and television

I begin the day by switching on the radio to listen to the news and the weather forecast. There are many radio stations in Hungary. Radio “Petőfi” has mainly a lot of light music programmes: pop, jazz, folk, or rock. Perhaps radio ‘Kossuth’ has the most varied and serious programmes. It broadcasts radio plays, political and economic programmes, radio talk shows, press reviews and even bedside stories for children. The other stations are mainly commercial music radio stations.

I usually switch on the TV in the evenings. I like watching TV because it brings the world into your home. I never miss the half-past-seven o’clock news. I especially enjoy Hungarian soap-operas and I also love witty and humorous cartoons like “Tom and Jerry” or “the Roadrunner”. But I hate commercials very much. My favourite channels are m1, m2 and Duna TV. I don’t like commercial channels much, because I don’t like action films and silly comedies.


I like computers. I use a computer every day. There is a computer lab at my school and I have a computer at home, too. I surf on the Net. I write e-mails to my friends. I watch videos on youtube. I read articles on online newspapers. Internet is useful; it brings the world closer to you. But computers are bad for your eyes and if you sit too much in front of your computer, you will be unfit and your back will hurt.


I like watching the Olympic Games on TV. The whole nation is proud when a sportsman or a sportswoman wins a gold medal. But sport is not only about winning. Sport is also about having a good time. It is an excellent way of spending your free-time. Children and adults both like sport. Young children like playing football or basketball. And fathers also play football with their sons at the weekend.

Sport is also healthy. People organise fun runs to show that sport is fun and healthy and we should live an active life.

Sport is a part of our everyday lives. Many people walk or cycle to school or work every day. It keeps them fit and happy.

I like watching sport on TV and I also like doing sport. I like running, cycling, swimming and skiing. At school the boys can play football and basketball, the girls can play volleyball and handball.

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