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Global Warming | Kidolgozott Érettségi Tételek, Feladatok 2016

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Global Warming

Beküldő: Laci1994
Angol tételek

Beküldte: Kovács László

I'm afraid of the effects of the global warming because they can be very dangerous. 

One of the most dangereous things is the sunbathing. Many people don't care about the consequence of the sunbathing because if we spend much time with sunbathing than our skin may gets burn easily. But in the worst case we may get skin cancer.

An other dangerous effect of the global warming is the melting of the ice caps. So the water rises and floods cities on the shore of the oceans. Many million people may die on a manner like this. In case of Netherland the whole country may get under water.

Since the people destroy the rainforest so not only the earth but more spicies are in danger. 

The exhaust of the cars harm the atmosphere and the ozone will be thinner so the sunbathing will be more dangerous.

The avarage temperature of the earth rises so the rivers dry up and the fresh water will be less. The people will be thirst on some places of the world.

Nowdays the most people don't care the consequence of the global warming but I think it is a serious problem and we have to do something before the death of the earth.

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