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Beküldte: Jajecznik Judit

Hungarian people are rather careless about their health. They work a lot, eat fatty dishes and only few of them do any kind of sport. They should do more exercise, try to avoid stress and have a healthier diet.

Fortunately I have never been seriously ill but I’ve had a common cold and flu several times. When you have a flu you have a sore throat, your nose can be running, and you can be coughing and sneezing. You can also have a temperature and a pain in your chest. You should go to the GP, who will look at your tongue and throat, feel your pulse and listen to your lungs. He diagnoses your illness and prescribe some medicine, which you can buy at the chemist’s. You may go on a sick leave to recover.

When you are in a more serious condition you have to make an appointment with a specialist, for example a cardiologist, a gynaecologist or an ophthalmologist. The doctor listens to your complaints and takes a look at your medical record and he might refer you to a hospital.

In a hospital you can find different departments and wards. You can find surgeries and an emergency room in every hospital. There are also waiting rooms, an outpatients’ ward, a maternity ward, an X-ray unit, a cardiac unit, a surgical unit, and some operating theatres.

To avoid serious diseases you have to go to regular check-ups. You also have to visit a dentist at least twice a year. The dentist checks your teeth, gums and mouth and he might fill your teeth, remove plaques or pull out a bad teeth.

There are some children diseases for example mumps, measles, chicken pox and scarlet fever. When a child is ill he or she has to be taken to the paediatrician, who is the children’s doctor.

A lot of people are addicted to something for example drug, nicotine, or alcohol. Smoking is a kind of fashion among teenagers. Many of them try it because they are curious or want to be cool and they got addicts. However smoking can cause coughing and also cancer. There are also too many drug addicts, because lot of people try drugs to feel happy.

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