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Beküldte: Nagy Nóra

The good health means when you feel fine. But we also can speak about poor health when you out of sorts. As an English phrase says “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Except the apple the regular way of life is very important to be in good shape. It means you should have meals at regular times and sports in the fresh air. In my view the balance is the most important in a healthy lifestyle.

In spite of these facts people always have bad habits. I would like to mention some of them. First of all, the smoking that could be a fashion among the teenagers. Many of them try it because they are curious or want to be cool. This goes for the drugs too. It also makes them relaxed. I think it’s hard to give up because my father has been smoking for more than 20 years. It’s caused lung cancer or heart attack. Furthermore you’ll have smoke smell. According to these facts the worst circumstance is when a pregnant woman smokes. It may reduce their chances of having grandchildren. Excessive drinking and drugs can also damage your health and change your personality. Several people drink alcohol, because they lose the control and it offers a cold comfort to them. In Hungary lots of coffees are drunk in order to avoid being exhausted. However, it isn’t healthy, because it causes high blood pressure. Later it can be followed another illnesses like stroke and heart attack.

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