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László Kovács

We can spend our holiday a lot of pleaces for example in a hotel on coast of the Balaton or in an apartment abroad. So we have a lot of options but nowadays the most people can’t afford to travel as much as they would like to. 
Hungary has a lots of spa where those people spand their holiday who would like to heal or rest.

We can find the biggest lake of Middle-Europe which name is Balaton in Hungary. It is a good opportunity for those people who would like to swim or go on an excursions around the lake.
Abroad we can go to the sea shore and spend our time with sunbathing or swimming in the sea.

We can travel alone or member of a group.

I usually spend my holidays with my family. We usually go to the coast of the Balaton where we rent a small apartmant in Cserszegtomaj. We spend there two weeks every year. But in this year we went to abroad where we spent ten days on the coast of the Mediterranian-Sea. We were in Barcelona where we spent a great day. It was wounderful, we went by bus so the travel was very long but the sight compensated. Because I have never seen the sea before this journey.

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