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Beküldte: Jajecznik Judit

I have lived in Budafok all my life, but we moved into this flat about 14 years ago, when I was 4. We live in a housing estate. Our flat is the 4th floor of a ten-storey block of flats.

I’ve always lived in a flat and I think it has many disadvantages, but also some advantages. On one hand, block of flats are usually situated at more busy parts of a town or city so you have everything close by. Moreover living in a flat is usually cheaper. On the other hand there isn’t enough storage place and you can’t organize big parties because of the lack of space. Furthermore, there isn’t a garden and you can’t have many pets. The biggest disadvantage of living in a flat is that you have a lot of noisy and unfriendly neighbours.

I live with my mother and my grandmother in a 70-square meter flat. It is quite small, but it has a well-planned layout. If you go through the front-door there is a long hall, into which all of the rooms open. We have 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a small larder. The flat also got a small balcony to which you can go out from my room and where you can find my grandmother’s plants.

We don’t have a big living room, so the heart of family life is my mother’s room. It is the biggest room of the flat, and it is well-lit. The walls are painted light green and the curtains and the sofa are blue. The furniture is modern and light-coloured in the entire flat. Opposite the sofa is a big screen TV, on which we often watch movies together. There are a lot of bookshelves with plenty of books, because both my mother and my grandmother love reading.

We have a small bathroom, but we have a bathtub, a wash basin and also a washing machine in it. There are tiles on the floor and on the walls. Over the wash basin is a small cabinet, where we keep our toothbrushes and toothpaste, and there is a mirror on it.

Our kitchen is small but well-equipped. It gets crowded if there are two people in it. We have enough place to have meals there when we don’t have guests but I prefer eating in my room. In the kitchen we have beige tiles and the floor and the walls are painted light yellow. We have counters on one of the walls and a dining table at the opposite wall. There are cupboards on the walls, so we have enough storage for the household appliances, tableware and cutlery. We cook with gas and we have a four-ring gas stove with on oven. We have two fridges, a smaller one in the kitchen, and a bigger one in the larder, where we keep most of the food. As our kitchen is very small, with don’t have a freezer, but our fridge has a freezing compartment, which is very useful, because my mother doesn’t have time to cook every day, so she only cooks at weekends and put the food into the freezer.

I prefer going out than being at home, so I don’t really have a favourite room, but when I am at home I spend most of my time in my own room. I think it is quite big, so there is enough place to keep my things. I have got a single bed, which can be opened to a double bed, so it is really big and comfortable. I have a large wardrobe, where I keep all of my clothes, with a full-length mirror on it. There is a big notice board on my door, where you can see some photos of my favourite memories and a lot of party tickets, because I always keep them. I also have a laptop and a 3D TV, on which I love watching movies and my favourite series. I’ve got a big desk where I can spread my things out and where I keep my laptop. I have a big magnet board, with a lot of fridge magnets from different cities all over the world for example Barcelona, Las Vegas and London and New York. Unfortunately I haven’t been to all of the cities but I ask my friends to bring me a magnet when they go on holiday.

If I could change anything about my home I would change the kitchen and the bathroom, because they are too small. I would also like to have an own bathroom. My dream home would be a large flat on the top floor of a building with a beautiful view of a big city. Everything would be modern and environmentally friendly.

Houses can be made environmentally friendly but unfortunately it is quite expensive. We can use some eco-friendly light bulbs. As far as I know we only have this kind of bulbs in our flat. We can use solar or wind energy to heat and light our house. We can save energy by turning off the lights when we leave a room and turning off electric appliances when we don’t use them, especially for the nights. We can also separate our waste. We can have different bins for cans, paper and plastic. We have selective bins in the cellar of our house and I often take there paper and plastic bottles.

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