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Jobs and work problems

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In spite of the fact that most of the students have already known their future plans I don’t have any idea. In my opinion everyone wants to be successful and have a good salary and it’s reflected in the most popular jobs in Hungary. The list of the jobs contains the lawyer, and different kinds of managers but you can also see as creative jobs as the designer or the photographer. I also think that most of us want to work regularly hours not in shifts. Nowadays most young people want to become economists, lawyers or deal with some field of computer science. Many of them think that it will be easy to find well-paying jobs with these degrees.

My other problem is the system of looking for the jobs because it’s quite complicated. First of all, if you want to apply for a job, you should write curriculum vitae. There are some important rules. For example, (you) never write whole sentences. Apart from your personal details (like your name, address…etc) you have to indicate your work experiences and education. By the way you also have to include some special skills. Apparently a language exam is always an advantage. The more languages you speak the more chance you have. Moreover good social skills are also necessary.

In the searching it can help you look at the advertisements in the newspapers, magazines or nowadays on the Internet. If the company find you suitable for the job, you’ll have to go to a job interview. You could make a good impression with your appearance and attitude too. However, the most important condition is that you should live up the company’s expectations.

In spite of the fact that everyone is .hungry for the success it could happen that you didn’t manage to do it. Although you should not let the defeat distress you. We live in a world where the main point is the relationships. There are always some people who pull the wires.

Your job depends on your qualification. Obviously the higher qualification you get, the more opportunity you have. The primary school isn’t enough for anything nowadays. You might be a cleaner at most. After that, you can go to secondary school, which has different types. The industrial school offers you a trade. In the technical school you can get trade and final exam too. The grammar school also gives you a final exam. After graduating you can to college or university.

Unfortunately the degree doesn’t assure your dream job. So finding a job is not easy, but you can get some help from online mediatory companies and find several samples of curriculum vitae. If you don’t have a job you get unemployment benefit. But bear in your mind that being on the dole doesn’t solve your problems. However, there are many unemployed inhabitants in Hungary and the number of these people is still growing. I think two incomes are necessary for the families because the older the man is the more aims he has. I mean most people save for a flat, a car or a holiday abroad. In consequence of it there are more women in the work force than ever. In spite of that fact it could be hard for women to be both mother and worker. It seems balancing a career is impossible.

For the peaceful retirement ages have to wait such a long time. The age limit is 62 in Hungary but is going to be changed in the near future. The policemen, the firemen and the soldiers pensioned off earlier than the others. However it might abandon soon.

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