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Modern technology

Beküldő: Látogató
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Beküldte: Jajecznik Judit

Life in the 21st century is very much different than it was 100 years ago. Technology plays an important role in our lives. Nearly everything that we do is connected to technology. Even children have mobile phones and use computers to write their homework.

Mobile phones are getting more and more popular, because they have a lot of different functions and they can make life easier. Mobile phones are much more useful than telephones, because if we have a mobile we can use it whenever we are, not just at home. It is also important that we are always contactable if we have a mobile phone. For example if someone of our family or friends needs our help, he or she can call or text us, and it doesn’t even take a lot of time of money. However it isn’t always polite to use our phones, for example in the cinema or theatre or when we are talking to someone.

There are a lot of companies that make mobile phones and there is a wide range of phones in different price categories so it can be difficult to choose which one to buy. I think it is important for our phones to have a good display and enough memory for a lot of apps.

We wake up with the help of an alarm clock application on our smart phones. We can get all the information we need while having breakfast at home. We can find out how much traffic there is on the way to our school or workplace, check the weather forecast and we can talk to our friends via messenger apps. We don’t need to buy the newspaper every morning, because we can read the news on the internet. While we are studying or working we can use our phones as a calculator, we can save memos, check our calendar and of course make some important calls.

Computers are also really important recently. At least one computer or laptop can be found in every home. If we have a laptop we can also take it with us to work, to a journey, or we can use it at cafés and restaurants. If we have internet connection, we can do almost everything on our computer without even leaving our room. We can order food, book holidays, restaurant tables or tickets for cinema, trains and even airplanes. We can order almost anything we want via eBay or Amazon. We can also pay for what we bought, on the internet. Of course we can also work or do homework in our computers. They are also often used for playing online games. There are some people who are called mouse potatoes. A mouse potato is the computer equivalent of television’s couch potato: someone who tends to spend most of his or her time in front of the computer in much the same way the couch potato does in front of the television.

Nowadays almost everyone is contactable via e-mail. It is much faster than ordinary letters. You just open a browser, sing in to your email account, type your letter and press the send button. However, if you want to send on ordinary letter, you have to put it into an envelope, write the addressee on it, put a stamp on it and take it to the post office, where you may have to stand in the queue for a long time and you also have to pay for it. I only send ordinary letters when I write a postcard to my grandparents for Christmas.

However e-mail is really popular nowadays, I think it is usually used for sending formal letters, because if we only want to chat with our friends, we use Facebook or chat programmes, for example Skype, where we can also make video calls.

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