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Once there was a man who used to be very wealthy. When he was young, he inherited a fortune from his uncle. He invested most of it in the stock market, and bought an enormous house which cost 2 million Pound. He also had a good job, and he safed his salary, so he got richer and richer. He spent a lot of money on cars and holidays, but he was also very generous, and gave away a lot of his money to charities. But one day he started going to the casino with a friend, and that was the beginning of the end. He soon lost everything, and after a few months he sold his house and his cars.

Now he’s broke. He rents a small flat – he can’t afford to buy one. He’s unemployed. His parents lend hom money, and he also borrow money from friends so he owe money to lots of people. But he still waste the little money he has on the lottery and the football pools. He thinks his only hope of getting rich again is to win a big prize. Perhaps one day he will.

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