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People and society

Beküldő: Látogató
Angol tételek

Describe one of your relations (relatives).

D. is my little cousin. She is 14. (She is turning 15 this month). She lives in Budapest. She attends a high school. She learns English and Italian. She is tall and slim. She has long fair hair and blue eyes. I think, she resembles me a bit. She is shy and serious, she takes everything seriously. She is also clever and funny. She smiles and laughs a lot. She spends her free-time with her friends or she reads books or surfs on the Net. I like her, because she is nice and I can talk about everything with her.

Who is your best friend?

M. is one of my best friends. She is 29. She lives in Szeged. She studied Literature and English at university, but now she is at home with her daughter. She is tall and very slim, she has very long and brown hair and blue eyes. I think, she is pretty. She is clever, serious and funny at the same time. She always makes me laugh. She spends her free-time with her family, or she goes to the cinema with her husband. She also likes reading books and she can play the piano beautifully. I like listening to her. I like her, because I can share my problems with her. And, of course, she can trust me as well, so we are very good friends.


Elderly people are lonely, they feel tired and they are often ill. They live alone. They don’t often go out and they don’t do any sport. They aren’t fit and they don’t feel fit as well. They have few friends, they are also old. They chat or gossip together or tell stories about their grandchildren. Sometimes elderly people get widowed and live in an old people’s home. Here they have company, other elderly people. Elderly people often watch soap operas on TV and keep pets as company.

Young people are not lonely; they live with their families and have a lot of friends at school. They are usually fit and sporty. They often go out with their friends. They live active lives.

Grandparents and grandchildren love each other. Grandparents are important people in a child’s life. A grandmother bakes cakes for the grandchildren, a grandfather tells interesting stories about his own childhood. They often spoil their grandchildren. The grandchildren mean love and company for the elderly people. They also help their grandparents, for example, they do the shopping for them. We need elderly people in our lives, we can learn from their life-experiences, they can give us advice. Grandparents can help the parents; they babysit for the children and do the cooking for the family.

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