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Bérlakás/Saját tulajdonú lakás

In what types of housing can people live?

They can own their flats – in that case they are called freehold flats (öröklakás). They can rent a council owned flat (bérlakás) or live in a council built flat sold to a cooperative of people. They can share a flat with other families and live in cotenancy (társbérlet). Some people live in lodgings (albérlet).

Have you ever lived in lodgings?

I have never lived in lodgings but I can imagine that you have to keep a number of house rules (házirend). You are not supposed to smoke in the common rooms, you are not allowed to be noisy, take girls or boys into your room, stick pictures on the wall and you have to use the bathroom at a fixed time.

Types of accomodation:

-freehold house or flat: money borrowed from the bank on a mortage (jelzálog) with a high interest rate

-council flats: now being sold to tenants (albérlő)

-co-operative flats

-rented accomodation: lodging, hostels, boarding houses (családi penzió), guest houses, motels, hotels, pensions, co-tenancy


How can you get a flat in Hungary? How can you get the money in order to build a house or buy a flat.

If you are lucky and you have parents who can help you, you can have a house or a flat of your own after getting married. However, most people cannot afford it. If you don’t want to rent a flat or live with your parents, you can get a loan in the bank. Getting a loan is also difficult, because banks usually demand (követel) that you have some money in order to be entitled (jogosult) for a mortgage. So don’t expect banks to give you loans if you don’t have a deposit (betét). Once you get the loan, usually at a very high interest rate, you have to pay it back in monthly instalments (részlet) for normally ten years. If you have children, the state subsidises (támogat) your construction (építés) or purchase (megvásárol) of a flat or a house.


What can be done in a flat to make it more spacious?

You need some built-in-cupboards or hideaways (rejtekhely) or at least one more store room.

How do other people heat their houses?

They can use coal-fired central heating, gas fired floor heating, convectors or electric heaters. If you have enough money you can use a fireplace too.

What things can go wrong in a house?

From time to time there are certain things in a house that go wrong and need fixing. For example when the tap keeps dripping, the pipes are leaking or the flush toilet keeps flooding. You call the plumber or try to repair them.

What needs to be done to a flat which is in a bad state of repair?

There are a lot of things that need to be done in an old house which is in a bad state of repair. Old houses usually have wooden steps and floors which are slowly worn down by people’s feet. Tiles fall off the roof and get broken, the paint cracks and peels. Pipes (cső) can begin to rust (rozsdásodik) and bricks to crumble (porlad) if they aren’t looked after properly.

What is flat modernisation?

It’s an act when you make your flat more comfortable.

What things fall under flat modernisation?

-installation of water gang, electricity and gas system,

-if in a building there are no toilet, do one

-install central, heating, use revolving source of energy (eg: sun energy)

-make insulations into buildings

-energy saving bulbs

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