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Shopping | Kidolgozott Érettségi Tételek, Feladatok 2016

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– napi bevásárlás, tartós fogyasztási cikkek beszerzése,

– üzlettípusok (üzletközpontok, sarki kisbolt, piac, szupermarket, csomagküldő szolgálatok, raktáráruházak, vásárlás az interneten),

– akciók, árleszállítások, a vizsgázó és korunk vásárlási szokásai

I buy some bread and milk almost every day in a little shop opposite my house, but we go to a big hypermarket to buy other all things for the household usually every second weekend.

We always buy big hunks of cheese, crates of yoghurt and kephir, tubs of margarine and butter, sugar, flour, cooking oil, spices, mineral water, cereals, meat, cleaning supplies, domesticities, consumer durables (tartós fogy.cikk), electrical goods, toys, etc., so almost everything. Vegetables and fruits we buy at the market near my house because these goods are fresh there.

Advantages of hypermarkets are that you can find almost everything from food to gardening equipment in one place and there is also a wide range of goods. There is usually a place where the children can play while their parents are shopping. The hypermarkets offer some products at reduced prices and cards for regular customers. With these cards you can earn points that you can exchange for goods or services.

I like shopping in hypermarket because they’re opened non-stop and I can buy everything in one place at a low price. The disadvantages of hypermarkets are that they are often incredibly crowded, especially at weekends. It’s difficult to move with fully packed trolleys among the shelves. These hypermarkets are generally far from the town centre and it can take long to get there and home. Fortunately there is a hypermarket near my house so we don’t have to travel a lot.

Usually we get catalogues from super- and hypermarkets about sales so we go to there at that time.

Recently I buy books and Avon essences by internet. It’s very comfortable and cheap, I like it.

In small shops the customer service is usually better than in bigger stores because the shop assistants consider the customers more important there. These shops are closer to your home and aren’t so crowded and you don’t have to stand in a long queue. Their disadvantages are that you can’t find as many brands as in big shops and they are more expensive.

I think I pertain (tartozik vhova) to the majority, which do the shopping in hypermarkets.

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