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Is the mother’s place in the home?

No, I don’t think so. If woman were involved (lefoglalja vmi) only in domestic affairs (házi teendők), it would mean their leading separate lives from their husbands. But when they too have a job, they have more to share (megoszt) with their husbands in other ways and can expect (elvár) help from them in the home and with the children. You can’t deprive (megfoszt) a woman of her right to earn her own living, find pleasure in her work and keep in touch (kapcsolatot tart) with real life.

Should housewives be paid in the same way as other people are?

There is no way (nincs rá mód) you could pay a housewife now. She is doing about 10 jobs. Families should have a woman (bejárónője van) in for some hours every day to do the housework.

How many jobs are women responsible for?

If a woman goes out to work (eljár dolgozni), she is responsible for at least three jobs. Some women hold high positions (magas beosztása van) and are good mothers and housewives at the same time.

Can a woman fulfil (teljesít) the duty (kötelesség) of a wife, a mother and a career woman?

It all depends on the husband’s attitude (viselkedés). If he shares the responsibility of bringing up a child and caring for (törődik vele) the family with his wife, which should ideally happen in every family, women will be less exhausted and more efficient both at work and at home.

Who wears the trousers in your family?

My mother does as my parents are divorced so decisions are always made by her.

What jobs are typically the husband’s responsibility?

Men are usually good at decorating the flat and repairing household devices (háztartási eszközök). A handyman (ezermester) can fix a dripping (csöpögő) tap, replace a burnt-out light bulb, stick on wallpaper, repair a leaking waterpipe (folyó vízvezeték).

Who can stay at home on child care leave?

According to an act passed some years ago, it is either the mother or the father who can stay at home with the new-born baby. In practise, however, it is still the mother who goes on maternity leave (születési szabadság) for one, two or sometimes three years.

Is it worth staying at home until the child is three years old?

Yes. Definitely. The first few years of a child’s life are crucially (létfontosságúan) important. This is the time creating contact between parent and child. There can’t be anything more important for a mother than attending to (gondoz) a child during the first few years of its life.

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