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Angol tételek

1.Gépjárművezetés/Közlekedési szabályok

Is it expensive to run a car nowadays? What taxes do you have to pay?

Yes, because you need petrol and you have to pay road tax, weight tax and parking charges. You also have to repair it sometimes and it’s too expensive.

What do you do when you get into a car and want to start it? Which pedals do you use?

When I get into a car I first put the ignition key into the keyhole and I turn it. The engine starts. Then I push down the clutch pedal (kuplung) and put the gear lever (sebességváltó) into first gear. Next I take the handbrake off. I let out the clutch pedal slowly while pushing down the accelerator pedal (gázpedál) and thus the car moves off.

What are the essential (alapvető) parts of a car? Which are the ones that you can’t see from the outside?

A car virtually consists (tartalmaz) of two basic parts, the wheels and the body. The wheels have rubber tyres on them and the body is made of metal. Under the bonnet are the parts that basically move the car: the engine, the cylinders (henger), the carburettor (porlasztó), the shafts (tengely), the battery, the spark plugs (gyertya) and the petrol tank. The things that the driver has to manipulate while driving are clutch, accelerator and brake pedals, the handbrake and the steering wheel. The speedometer and the different indicator lights are on the dashboard. What you can see on a car from the outside are the headlights, the registration number on the number plate, the windscreens with wipers (törlő), the bumpers, the rear view mirror, the mudguard (sárvédő) and the rear indicator lights. Under the car are the chassis (váz) and the exhaust pipe.

Driving a car:

-to pay attention to weather conditions

-to drive at …kmph

-to give way to (elsőbbséget ad)

-to overtake in the overtaking lane (az belső sávban előzni)

-to turn into the wrong lane

-to try to avoid accidents

-to slam on the brakes

-to collide with

-to run over/ knock down a cat (elütni egy macskát)

-to run into the back of…

-to fasten the seatbelts

-to change gear

-to stopped by the police

-to stop on the hard shoulder (padka)

-to blow into the breathalyser (szonda)

-to press the horn

-to dip the headlights (átkapcsolni)

-to stop at the filling station

-to fill up the tank

-to give a tip to the filling station attendant

In what way do traffic lights control the traffic? What other signs are there to direct the driver?

In most places and especially at busy junctions (kereszteződés) traffic light control the traffic. The green light lets cars through while the red light tells them to stop, and amber (sárga) means wait. The automatic light system allows cars to pass along (végigmegy) the main roads without any stops. There are other signs on the road too, which either give you direct others or warn you of possible danger. There are also direction signs, cat’s eyes, mile posts and signs painted on the road.

2.Közlekedési balesetek

What accounts (felelős) for the high number of accidents on the road? Are they all fatal (halálos)? Who can be blamed for these accidents? Why?

There is a high number of accidents in this country, but fortunately they don’t all end with deaths. In most cases they result in bodily injuries. I think drivers, pedestrians (gyalogos), and road conditions can be blamed for it. Drivers who drive too fast and without any consideration for others, and also the ones who think they are safe at the wheel even though they have drunk too much. Pedestrians who step off the pavement without first looking to the left or right, cross the roads when the traffic lights are against them or those who jump off moving vehicles.

3.Közlekedés gyalogosan/kerékpáron

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using bicycles in town traffic?

The best point about cycling to school or work is that it is cheap. It also helps you to keep fit unless there is too much smog to breathe in on the way.

It can be quite quick because it doesn’t need much space for overtaking. There can be no problems with parking either. You will definitely not get a parking ticket if it is parked in the wrong place. The worst thing about cycling is that you are in danger if you ride a bicycle in a busy place. It doesn’t protect you bad weather either. What is more if you don’t lock it properly, it can easily be stolen.

4.Külföldi utazások célja/formái

Why do so many people travel nowadays?

Nowadays everyone is crazy about travelling. People love moving around, they travel both inland and abroad. There is more money about and going to the west has become much easier. Greater affluence (jólét) and the ease of travel have brought an urge (kényszer) to see places. People often travel on business, for pleasure, for relaxation or even for education or for their health.

Do you like travelling?

I don’t think there are any people in the world who don’t like travelling. I love it too, but the snag (gond) is that my mum can’t afford to travel as much as we would like to. We have either the money nor the time for it.

What is the difference between a package tour and independent travel?

In a package tour you travel with others and follow a prearranged itinerary (útiterv) covering all the famous spots and landmarks. You pay a single, all-inclusive price that covers everything such as transportation, meals, accomodation, sightseeing tours and guides. With independent travel you pay as you go and during the journey you can change your mind if you want to. But you can still find a travel agent and ask him to work out the details of any itinerary you suggest. He can also give you cost estimates and secure reservation for you.

Which one do you prefer? Why?

I prefer individual travel to group travel. If you go on a package tour, you have to be adaptable (alkalmazkodó), you have no time to look at everything you are interested in properly and the worst thing is when you have a bad guide. He can spoil all your holiday. Besides, the only thing that travellers seem to be interested in today is shopping. Whereas on an individual tour I am my own master, depend on nobody and can always do what I like.

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