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Beküldte: FruRosee

I have a season ticket and I usually go on foot to school, because I live in student hotel. I live in village, so we don't have local public transport facilities.

When you want to travel by bus, buy your ticket at the entrance, go down, wait until it arrives, get on when the sliding doors open, get off when you reach your destination.

When I go somewhere in Hungary, I usually take the train, because it is cheaper and comfortable.

I have a bike, and I usually go for ride at weekends.

My father usually take the car to go shopping.

I don't have a driving licence a get, because this is expensive. But I would like.

There are several reasons why people stay and spend their holidays in Hungary, for example, it's cheaper than going abroad.

I think it's time that people discovered the wonderful countrysidem historic sights, the beautiful cities, villages of their own town.

The people is traveling by buses, taxes, trolles, bike. I live in village, there are bus and care, and some people ride a bike. I usually use bus. I walk to school. I prefer train to buses. Both have advantages, and disadvantages. Advantages of train: trains are comfortable. This is cheaper, and also faster.

I don't like buses, because it is crowdid, and somethimes I stand on buses. I don't travel by the underground, but like them it.

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