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Travel and transport | Kidolgozott Érettségi Tételek, Feladatok 2016

Érettségi Portál 2016

Érettségi tételek, érettségi feladatok, érettségi tesztek

Érettségi feladatok
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Travel and transport

Beküldő: Látogató
Angol tételek

Public transport

In Hungary public transport means buses, trains, trams and the underground. The underground travels in Budapest. Trams travel in big cities. I travel by bus when I go to work or school. The buses are old, cramped and smelly. I would like new and spacious buses. The trains are old and dirty, but they are spacious. The underground is fast and clean, but it is dark and frightening. The trams are new, but cramped. They travel in the daylight and that’s good.

Travelling by train or by car

Trains are cheap and environmentally friendly. But they are slow, uncomfortable and dirty. You can only travel with a few suitcases.
Cars are fast and comfortable and clean. You can travel with many suitcases. You can start your journey when you want. You can stop for a rest. But, petrol is expensive and bad for the environment. And traffic jams are problems.


I like travelling. I like visiting new places. I usually travel with my family / friends. I like summer holidays, because I like sunshine and swimming. / I like winter holidays, because I like snow and skiing. I usually go on holiday in my country, I like Lake Balaton and Hungarian cities. / I usually go abroad on holiday, I like exploring other countries and I like travelling to the sea.

My dream holiday

If I won the lottery and had a lot of money, I would go to Spain. I would go there with my friends. We would spend a month in an expensive hotel. We would go to the beach and swim in the sea every day and we would eat in expensive restaurants every night. We would take a lot of photographs and we would send many postcards.

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