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Beküldte: Vizsai Andrea

Children usually have to know what they want to be at the age of 14. In which do they go? It depends on their plans. If they want to be a hairdresser or an electrician they will go to secondary technical and vocational school. These jobs are skilled jobs. Who start working after the primary school; they can find unskilled jobs for example factory hand, office cleaner or dustman. Who go to secondary grammar school can go to university. And after he or she get his/her diploma, he/she can be an architect, an economist etc.

If people are outstanding workers the get bonus and if they is a hard-worker they get promoted. The better are on higher position. But the bosses easily lay off the lazy employees. The teenagers can go to holyday jobs. For example they can help in a harvest, but it’s a flexible hours job, which is not so good because they have to be there while they finished all. I think the fix time jobs are better, because than you always know, when you can leave.
People who can’t make ends meet they work off the books which can be dangerous. If the supervisors find out that you’re not declared in the workplace you can get penalty. It’s especially hard to find a job if you’re an entrant. Because than you don’t have too much experience from other jobs. But heard from a firm which employ only entrants, because then they can shape their skills.

It’s a good idea to search the most wanted posts. As far as I know the most wanted posts for women in Hungary are the architects, economists, pilots, programmers, doctors, interpreters etc. But more and more people want to go to work abroad because there they can do easy works and they get much higher salary the here. Especially go to Germany and Italy.

Two of the biggest problems are the retirement and the unemployment. In our country the number of unemployed gets less and less. They get unemployment benefit for 6 month but after they should find a job or slowly they’ll be homeless. The retirement ages average is 65 if I know right.

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